Terms and Conditions/ Privacy Policy Structure

1.Cookies: Brief statement of what a cookie is, and state whether the site uses cookies. If cookies aren’t used, don’t include this section.

2. State that by continuing to use the site they agree to the terms of the privacy policy.

3. Data Protection: Should say that we collect, store, and process data in line with the rules of the Data Protection Act 1998. Lead on to say that the data collected, stored and processed is: Accurate, Kept safe and secure, Kept for no longer than absolutely necessary, Not to be transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection. State exactly how the data is used: The data will only be used by Bakerhill Associates to provide appropriate and relevant advice. We may need to involve a third party if the appropriate advice is to do this. If we were to do this we would gain your consent to do so.

4.Data Controller:Bakerhill Associates is the data controller Your Rights :Data Protection Act gives them the right to find out what info Bakerhill Associates has on them. (subject access request) State they can do this by contacting the data controller listed above. 4.State how much they charge for such request (no more than £10 unless contains health records or a large number of paper files stored in an unstructured way by a public authority).

5. Let them know list of when info is allowed to be withheld and that they don’t have to tell the subject why. (list found at https://www.gov.uk/dataprotection/findoutwhatdataanorganisationhasabo utyou)

6. Let them know who to contact if not happy with the response. (ICO) 7.Let them know that they have the right to inform you of inaccuracies and have them corrected.