David Cooper

It was a pleasure meeting Matt Baker from Bakerhill Associates during our free consultation meeting at our home. 

We received valuable guidance and understanding regarding the products available to us. 

Matt had an extensive wealth of knowledge about the product and compared our existing policy to alternatives on the current market. 

Matt was in no way forceful. We felt that he genuinely cared about us as a family. Our Life insurance policy now covers health, our business and & critical illness for same cost as our old life insurance policy.

We received a follow up telephone call after our meeting and aside from this we were given time to make the decisions alone. 

We totally love the benefits that are included in our policy – gym membership, apple i-watch discount, spa hotel discounts etc and we are over the moon that our children are also covered in this policy. 

Once we had made the decision to go ahead with the policy, we received a follow up telephone call from Matt who made sure that we were happy and satisfied with everything. 

We would highly recommend Bakerhill Associates.  

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